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About Us

Femme Fatales WMC is a law abiding, independent WMC, our Sisterhood strives to encourage women to be unique and let each of their individual personalities shine. Our club is a sisterhood of likeminded women who all have a passion for riding and giving back to the community. We RESPECT ALL colors and clubs, so we expect the SAME.


Although we wear three-piece patches with a bottom rocker, we do not claim territory, nor do we interfere with those Clubs that do. 

Our Sisterhood is based on a love of riding, giving back to the community and empowering each other; this is what drives us! We work with many different non-profit organizations within our communities. Our focus is to generate an increased level of camaraderie with female riders and our community and an enthusiasm for riding motorcycles. The sisterhood also strives to help support both Women and Children charities in our local Communities. Our commitment to each other and to the club is strong, forthright, unyielding and can survive the trials and tribulations of life.


Currently there are Femme Fatales WMC Chapters throughout the United States and Canada. With the help and dedication of our sisters we are maintaining steady growth while still focusing on QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY. All our sisters ride their own bikes, we are a true Women’s Motorcycle Club. We are looking for strong, independent and highly motivated ladies to potentially become future Femme Fatales WMC Sisters.

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