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Gone But Not Forgotten

Vixxxen ~ International Road Captain, AKA Our XXX Queen!!


We want to take the time to remember one of the most amazing Sisters, Mothers, Wives, Daughters and Friends anyone could ever ask for.

On May 25th, 2014 Femme Fatales WMC experienced our first devastating loss.  One of our core sisters, Vixxxen lost her life while doing something she loved...riding her motorcycle. She was a Motorcycle Training instructor, and lived her life trying to keep other riders safe and knowledgeable. Our sister was an amazingly beautiful soul both inside and out, she knew no strangers and had no enemy’s. She always radiated positivity and strength and was the true definition of what our Sisterhood encompasses.  She was always there for each and every sister in F6 and she truly lived by our motto MSBM (My Sister Before Me). Each and every sister felt comfortable reaching out to her no matter what the issue was. Vixxxen was not only our sister, but she was also one of our Best Friends.

Thoughts from Hoops:

Each night I sit and listen to the distant roar of motorcycles traveling up and down my road, I can't help but think of Vixxxen and how she touched the lives of so many she came in contact with. I strongly believe that each and every person that came in contact with her became better people just for knowing her. The Femme Fatales WMC will never fill the void from the loss of Vixxxen, but we will continue to work hard to grow this club in her honor.  

It is important that all sisters present, and future know the history of the club, including the good and bad because history is what made us who we are today. Vixxxen will always live on in our hearts, and I know she is watching down on us from Heaven. Even at our lowest point, we will always hear Vixxxen's words of encouragement mixed with humor and love. 

Hoops - Co-Founder FFWMC

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